Built like a truck, not like a boat. 


Forged from steel (not fiberglass), it could be said the SmartCap EVO is built like a truck, not a boat. From off-roading to the job site, it’ll withstand the daily abuse you give it, while also being able to hold up to 150 kgs when moving or 349 kgs when parked.


But this bruiser’s more than brawn. From its modern angular design to the bonded glass Gullwing Doors with low profile push-button latching mechanisms to the sleek integrated roof rails, the SmartCap EVO enhances the rugged look of your truck.

Available in White and Matte Black for the Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, and VW Amarok double cab applications. 

Please note: We will be updating the site over the next month to include images of all available models. 


Rear Door Window

3rd Rear Brake Light

Positive Pressure Filtered Air Vent

Universal Roof Rails

Front Cab Window Slider

Gullwing Doors w/ Sliding Window

Put in on. Take it off. 

The stainless steel SmartCap EVO can be removed in under 15 minutes, giving you the ability to haul taller loads. Then when you’re ready to put it back on — snap! It’s back on in a jiffy.


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