Built for hauling hay or surviving the apocalypse. Your choice. 


Peering through heat waves coming up from the African plains, you see it — a rugged-looking truck with a SmartTray System. Like something out of Mad Max, the offroad truck sports a SmartTray with a SmartCapXL sitting atop. Spare tires, jerry cans, an ax, and shovel attached. His message, fully received. “Bring on the apocalypse Buddy Boy; I’ve never been more ready!”


The SmartTray is built to take heavy-duty abuse while still delivering the ultimate in truck bed organization. From the frame up, its design maximizes space with a drawer and bins for containing your stuff. Combined with the SmartCapXL it can also deliver a whopping 2.1 cubic meters of water-tight, dust-free, fully enclosed storage. Add to that it’s seamless compatibility with the SmartComponents, and you have truck bed nirvana.

Available in Matte Black for the Toyota Hilux, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Ford Ranger applications. 

Please note: We will be updating the site over the next month to include images of all available models. 


Rear Mounts

Full Length Pull Out Rear Drawer

Universal Roof Rails

Stainless Steel Gullwing Doors

Underbody Storage

Maximize your bed from the frame up.

Designed to maximize the space around the frame and tires, the SmartTray comes with built-in bins and a heavy-duty telescopic sliding drawer that can handle heavy loads.


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